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Can you order from JCPenney’s online?

Yes, you can order from JCPenney’s online through their website www.jcpenney.com


www.JCPenney.com is a sale company selling different categories of clothing, shoes, jewelry and different categories of fashion items. All the fashion items sold here are affordable.

The jcpenney department store chain is located in the United States of America. And it has up to 864 outlets spread across 49 states of the USA and Puerto Rico.

JCpenney online shopping Official site

You can buy on the jcpenney shop www.jcpenney.com These are the jcpenney official websites for shopping and the social networks:


You can access the jcpenney.com for shopping from the sale apps. They are available at google play and itunes


jcpenney online shopping


Does JCPenney.com have any coupons?

Yes, there are many coupons and promo codes available. You can stack the coupons and use more than one at the same time.

You can visit the official site for coupons here in https://www.jcpenney.com/m/jcpenney-coupons and you will get all the available. Choose your coupon now!


Free Shipping and Pickup

  • For a spend of 99$ or more you get free shipping
  • You can also pick from your nearest store for free with more than 25$ orders.



You can access several jcpenney deals, like new Customer Discount, Clearance Sales, Thanksgiving Day and so on at the jcpenney website .




How to Login to www.jcpenney.com

  1. Go to www.jcpenney.com login page
  2. Click on Login or Sign in
  3. Write your user and password.
  4. Click on Sign in to complete the login



These are the Jcpenney sale departments available in the catalogue:

  • For the home
  • Bed & bath including sofa beds
  • Window
  • Women
  • Lingerie & pyjamas
  • Men
  • Juniors
  • Kids
  • Baby
  • Shoes
  • Accessories & bags
  • Jewelry
  • Salon: including curtains
  • Sephora beauty
  • Gifts
  • Clearance
  • Clothes: Clothes are organised for man https://www.jcpenney.com/d/men  and women https://www.jcpenney.com/d/women
  • Jewelry


Department Stores of Jcpenney

You can find a JCPenney store in each of the states of the United States. Bear in mind that the outlet has up to 864 stores spread across 49 states.

You can use it to locate any of the stores located close to you using the shop locator.

jcpenney.com store locator

  1. Visit https://stores.jcpenney.com/search.html
  2. The map will show your location automatically and also show you the store located closest to you.
  3. You can then search manually for more stores using the search box located at the top of the screen.



The hours are different depending on the location. Use the jcpenney store locator to get which are the hours of the stores near to you. Today, the labour days, tomorrow or the weekend.



You can find many coupons to save big in the coupons section of the jcpenney website.


They have also clearance special sale deal.


Credit Card

The jcpenney credit card is issued by synchrony bank. You can get up to a 15% off.

jcpenney credit card website


Credit card login

You can login and sign in jcpenney here: https://www.onlinecreditcenter6.com/JCPenney/JCPCreditCenter.htm

From this page you can:

  • make a payment,
  • view your account status
  • set account alerts and reminders.



Applying for a credit card from this store is a simple process. Whether you request it at the store or the web, it only takes a few minutes to get approval.


How to apply in the shop

Visit a store and request instant credit at any cash register.

  1. Find a store in your area by visiting the store’s website and clicking “Search for a store” at the top.
  2. Enter your address including city, state and zip code.
  3. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose one from the list that is close to you.
  5. Fill out the application with your personal information. It includes your name, address and other financial information. Include your social security number and bank account for verification.
  6. Deliver your completed application to the sales clerk for processing while you are in the shop. The employee will enter your information or call the credit department to process your request.
  7. Obtain the results of the request from the employee.
  8. Take the temporary paper card with your credit card number, if your application is approved. Use this number to buy until you receive the permanent card in the mail.
  9. Wait seven to 10 business days to receive your JC Penney card in the mail.
  10. You will receive an explanation by mail in 7 to 10 business days if it denies you the credit.


How to apply in jcpenney.com

  1. Go to the official JCPenney.com site
  2. Click on “Credit Card” at the bottom of the page.
  3. The link takes you to the JC Penney card rewards site.
  4. Click “Apply now” at the top of the page to the left side. I between the “Start” and “My account” links.
  5. Fill out the application with your name and address. Also other personnel such as:
    1. your total income,
    2. bank information,
    3. social security
    4. number and driver’s license number.
  6. Click “Send” and wait for an answer where they tell you if they accepted it or not. You will receive your card by mail, if approved, or a denial letter in 7 to 10 days.





You can save big shopping thanks to the jcpenney rewards program. To get them you should ask for the credit card.

To check which is your balance of rewards go to your account page. You can redeem them in packs of 10$. You can check your balance in the app and in the web. Also, you can check the rewards balance by phone at 1-800-322-1189.

For each two dollars you spent you earn 1 reward point. The reward points don’t expire.



The jcpenney customer service help section is very useful. And it can enlighten potential customers about the various services offered here.
The help section will help to buy various items sold here at a very cheap price. You can find them on the website or via the mobile app.
The outlet offers great products at the best prices imaginable. It also gives you an opportunity to shop with confidence.

States where you can find JCPenney stores

  • Alabama has 15 stores
  • Alaska has 1
  • Arizona has 21
  • Arkansas has 14
  • California has 74
  • Colorado has 17
  • Connecticut has 7
  • Delaware has 3
  • Florida has 53
  • Georgia has 22
  • Idaho has 8
  • Illinois has 29
  • Indiana has 22
  • Iowa has 11
  • Kansas has 14
  • Kentucky has 22
  • Louisiana has 13
  • Maine has 5
  • Maryland has 16
  • Massachusetts has 9
  • Michigan has 34
  • Minnesota has 15
  • Mississippi has 10
  • Missouri has 25
  • Montana has 5
  • Nebraska has 8
  • Nevada has 6
  • New Hampshire has 9
  • New Jersey has 9
  • New Mexico has 12
  • New York has 39
  • North Carolina has 22
  • North Dakota has 5
  • Ohio has 37
  • Oklahoma has 14
  • Oregon has 8
  • Pennsylvania has 27
  • Rhode Island has 2
  • South Carolina has 14
  • South Dakota has 3
  • Tennessee has 21
  • Texas has 82
  • Utah has 8
  • Vermont has 4
  • Virginia has 22
  • Washington has 20
  • West Virginia has 8
  • Wisconsin has 10
  • Wyoming has 3
  • Puerto Rico has 6 .


There are some countries where the online shop www.jcpenney.com is not available for example spain.