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So you are a big fan of the online marketplace eBay. Or maybe you’re just looking to explore the “www” of selling and buying platforms to see what fortune lies in wait for you. Either way, you’ve found yourself here. And you’re probably curious about the other online shops like eBay and which ones will appeal to you the most as a buyer and as a seller.

Now eBay is undeniably one of the largest online auction websites marketplace in the world. It has been laying its bricks of success since 1995. And has in so doing helped a lot of its patrons to become super-sellers. Also allow a lot more to run profitable businesses while just sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Be that as it may, the eBay shopping place has developed considerably in recent years giving way to policy changes that has prompted people to seek for alternatives, as sellers and buyers alike look for other, more remunerative selling sites like eBay.

Below you will discover the other sites like eBay, alternatives that you can definitely check out.

another websites like ebay

Other selling websites like eBay


#1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest if not the largest online marketplace but was once just an online bookstore. It has but overtime become one among the planet’s most visited online retail store where you are able to get numerous merchandise accessible to you in varieties. This is the number 1 in the list of sites like ebay.

Said to be eBay’s alternative and biggest competition and with a more flexible policy. Amazon is another website like eBay to buy and sell your products, with a fixed price without the need to bid for items.


#2. Bonanza

A fast growing alternative online website like eBay. But it is a child compared to eBay and Amazon in the e-commerce setting. Bonanza is fast growing and has the potential to rank among the top online marketplaces. It has over 20 million varieties of items. Rising among sellers because of its easy to use interface,

A lot of sellers are making a lot of money on Bonanza. No wonder it was voted the most recommended selling venue in the Seller’s Choice awards.

Compared to eBay, it is similar because it also has a massive range of different items being sold and unlike a website like eBay, it is a fixed price shopping place.


#3. Craigslist

If you prefer to sell locally without the worries of shipping or you like to handle your transactions personally, then Craigslist is your online stop shop. You can virtually sell anything on Craigslist. Even yourself —yes, that’s right, yourself, you can do this in the “personals” section.

There is no listing or selling fees on Craigslist. But it is quite basic in design and in the selling process. Craigslist is more like a forum. It means that you’re pretty much left to work out your sales and whatever comes with it.

In comparison to eBay, that charges for listing and selling, Craigslist only charges a small percentage for posting a job or vehicle. Other than that, product listings are completely free.


#4. Newegg

Newegg is a self-proclaimed “1# place for anything tech,” as you can only list or buy tech products.That means smartphones, electronics, computers and its parts, gaming and home appliances. Sellers can list products with a reach of more 30 million customers scattered across more than 50 countries.

Compared to selling sites like eBay or Amazon, Newegg products are restricted to just tech products and nothing else while eBay or Amazon let you list absolutely any type of products. A great website for people who are looking to buy or sell just tech items.


#5. Etsy

Originally started out as an online community for crafters, vintage devotees and artists. Etsy is now solely for handmade and vintage items, as well as craft items.

So, yes, this limits the products you can list on the website. And if you’re not the type that’s into crafts or vintage items, then it is most definitely not suited for you.

If, however, you make costumes, fashion accessories, home decor, jewelry, and any other craft items. Or you know a good deal about getting these items in wholesale bulk and want to sell, this is definitely the online website to sell it all.


#6. Rakuten

This website is an international alternative to eBay, often called the “Amazon of Japan” because of its high percentage of Japanese registered users. Rakuten sits amongst the top 3 e-commerce website in the world, and rightly so, because it deserves the spot. A little challenging to start selling on as a newly registered user but it is definitely a great place to trade.


#7. eBid

This is another auction website like eBay but with a much more cheaper fees in comparison to selling on an auction website like eBay. Although eBid shopping place is comparatively small to others, it is a place to make reasonable profits on. It is advisable to sell things on eBid if you don’t mind getting a buyer for over a long period of time.


#8. Ruby lane

A vintage alternative store. Ruby lane is solely a marketplace for vintage items and antiques. No other items can be found on Ruby lane. Therefore, makes it easy to get to your desired audience. Ruby lane also does not charge fees for making any sales.


#9. eCrater

Unlike other online stores, eCrater also serves as a free web store builder. And they sell about anything with no limit to any product. If you’re interested in switching to a new selling website, then eCrater is another market place you should consider.


#10. Tradesy

A marketplace for designer clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes, particularly for women who are fashion conscious and stylish. So if you’re looking to “sell what’s in your closet today to buy what you crave tomorrow”, then Tradesy is just the place for you. With a friendly return policy and authentic product guarantee, you can trust to trade on Tradesy.


The above listed marketplaces are great top alternatives to eBay, although there are a host of other websites like eBay. So if you want to explore alternatives to eBay, you’re can most definitely do that as exploration can be adventurous.

Now, grab a cart and get shopping in any of the sites like ebay reviewed.!