Walmart is the return policy at Walmart? How long? – hours – electronics – no receipt, returns and more

Sometimes for many different reasons, when we shop on Walmart online or in a store we want to return something to Walmart.

Then is when we wonder about the return policy. How long is? What about electronics (laptops, TV, video game, cells, battery)? a bike?  and without receipt?


What is the walmart return policy?

  • Generally, the receipted returns are taken by Walmart as a refund within the allowed period with a receipt. Such returns are refunded in the way the payment was made.
  • In case the customer has made a check payment, the refund is done in cash.
  • Purchasing using a credit card indicates the refund will be raised to the same. In case the credit card original is not available by scanning the receipt TC number, the refund will be done onto a gift or shopping card.
  • Shopping using a debit card means the refund is done in cash. If it fails to show the TC number, the same as the credit card, the refund will be on a shopping or a gift card.

walmart return policy


How long is Walmart return policy ?

The general period for refunds is 90 days but there are exceptions (see the FAQ section at the end of this article).

Walmart gives exchange on non-receipted returns if:

  • The process of refund verification is acceptable for return.
  • There is a government-issued ID.


To return to Walmart, an item is best done by checking on:

  1. ‘My Account’ > ‘Track Orders’ > ‘View Details’ –
  2. Click ‘Start a Return’ and receive a free return label.


Pack the item as original packaging and follow the instructions.  If Walmart processes the returns, the refund is certainly issued.

You can also do the returns in the store. Check the walmart hours for returns.

Finally, for all the refunds, it is best to keep the receipt copy so that it is easier to claim your refund. Walmart accepts return within 90 days from the delivery or purchase date. Yet now, with the Pandemic situation on the worse, the returns are not effective.

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Which are the Return Hours?

The walmart return hours is whenever the stores are opened. It is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day of the week. You can check in this article the walmart hours in detail




What is Walmart return policy in electronics?

Electronic items (including televisions or TV, laptops, cell phones and others) must be returned in 15 days. The receipt must be included. Check the available returns hours for in store.


What about video games?

Video games must be returned in 90 days. But they must be unopened.


Can I return something after 90 days?

No, it is not possible.


Can i return something without receipt?

Yes, in general you can (for example in clothes) except for electronics, video games, airbeds, outside tools, CDs, DVDs and trees.


Can I receive a refund in cash?

The cash refund is available for purchases under 25$. In other case you will get a shopping card.


Where can I find the walmart official return policy?

You can check this link and this link


Where can I find all the exceptions

Check this Walmart link with all the exceptions here.


What about special situations like coronavirus?


The fact is that the retailers such as Walmart are not handling the returns with this virus pandemic being on a high. They have banned the returns temporarily and have put on the policies as ‘All sales are final.’
But, the retailer return policies overall may vary right now depending on the goods types that the store sells. Also if the locations of the retail store area are open or not.
Grocery stores such as Walmart are suspending all the returns. It makes sense for the people to be worried that it is right and safe to buy from these supermarkets such as Walmart during this pandemic.
Several other major chain stores in the U.S. remain closed, including Apple, Macy’s, and Gap, to name a few.
These chain stores are extending the return policies so that the customers get additional time to bring back their purchases. Thus, they are supporting their customers and their business that makes sense.
But, other retailers are also making adjustments, such as banning the returns on goods though some stores are giving normal returns and are following the return procedures.
Bringing something back for a refund to the store, especially when the store is closed, makes the store returns complicated.