Walmart Gift Card – how to register, activate it and check balance –

What is it?

Simply put, Walmart gift cards from are prepaid debit card containing a given amount of money with which you can buy items from Walmart.

The card is a form of a prepaid debit card loaded with the fund and you can only purchase items of the same value of the money you have on the gift card. This means it cannot serve like a credit card.

The minimum and maximum amount of money that you can load on the gift cards varies. The minimum can be as low as just $10, while the maximum amount can be as high as $500.

The use of gift cards is limited to the Walmart homepage, offline stores or the gas stations outside Walmart stores. You cannot use it for online purchases at some other eCommerce websites.

You can use it for offline purchase at any Walmart store that accepts POS. Thankfully enough, all of Walmart offline stores allow their customers to pay via POS machines.

You can use the gift cards to pay for a part of your purchase with cash. You can equally use it as a debit card for paying the balance of a debt or expenses. The beauty of it is that you can register it online and this will help to improve security and reduce the risk of losses.

Registering your gift card of Wal-mart online can also make it very easy to check and track your balance. If you ever lose the card for any reason, it will also be very easy to freeze the card and prevent unscrupulous elements from using it without your consent.


How to check the balance walmart gift cards

It is very important to regularly check your balance. This way, you will never be caught unaware when you are shopping; it is not a cool thing to find yourself stuck due to low cash. It is not a nice experience at all.

Checking your gift cards balance before you go shopping will save the day and get you prepared ahead of time. You can equally check the balance for free online right there in the comfort of your home.

The online tools for checking the Walmart gifts card balance is accessible for free and readily available. As a result, you can easily check your  balance immediately before ordering anything from Walmart online store. There are so many free platforms around where you can check your balance.

The process involved is easy and straightforward. You can check it online via your smartphone or in-store without any hitch whatsoever. Some platforms even allow you to check your status via phone call.

To check it on your mobile device, visit the Walmart homepage and navigate to the appropriate page and fill the short form provided on the page.

You will only be required to provide the following information:

  • Gift cards number
  • PIN/Security code, which is a 4 digit number.
  • Click on Submit


How to activate the Walmart gift card

The activation process is also very easy. You will not need to activate the it if your account balance is not up to $250.

Also, you do not have to activate the gift card if it is an eGift Cards, the same goes for those gift cards that were part of a bulk purchase that total less than 25 cards.

You are better off activating your Walmart plastic Gift Cards bought in an order of 25 cards or if the card contains up to or more than $250.

Walmart will send you an email that contains activation instructions. The instructions will be sent to the same email address that is listed in your Walmart account. The email will contain a password that you can use for the activation.


Register your gifts card in

Registering it in will make it easy to track the balance of your online purchase and to also keep track of your purchases.

You should get it registered immediately after you get the card. It is equally mandatory to register it if you want to shop online, by email or by phone call.

The registration is essential irrespective of if you have $25 or even $500 in your Wal-mart gift card. You are required to attach your billing address to your account during the registration.

The address will be used by the merchant for verification purposes prior to approving your transaction with the card. This is the best way to prevent fraud and also protect Walmart and you. Reporting a card after being damaged, stolen or lost will also be very easy if you register the card.

A PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and each Wal-mart gift cards has a unique PIN. You can find the PIN at the bottom right corner of the card. It can be found under the silver scratch-off area. A Walmart gift card that doesn’t have a PIN can only be used at the offline store, but not on the website.

  1. You can register the card on
  2. After that, click on the Register tab at the top of the homepage of
  3. Then provide the 16-digit card number and the 3-digit security code at the back of the card.
  4. Click on Continue and then provide your name and billing address.
  5. However, see to it that the billing address and name you provide at checkout matches the address you provide.


How to get it for free 

You can get a free Walmart gifts card at Walmart website or at any Walmart store. You can visit the following online platforms to get it for free:

  • Ibotta, where you can get rewarded with free gift cards for your activities.
  • Swag Bucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Inbox Dollars
  • MyPoints
  • TopCashback
  • Fetch Rewards
  • PrizeRebel


The Wal-mart gift cards you get from any of these websites are ready for use instantly. On the other hand, you can buy gift cards from Walmart homepage. The amount you pay will depend solely on the amount of money on the gifts card.

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Where can I find more official information?

Please visit official site here

Where can I use a Walmart Gifts Card

You can use it in the following:

  • Wal-mart Stores
  • Club gas stations (Wal-mart and Sam’s Club)
  • Sam’s club stores