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Using the Walmart credit card from Synchrony Bank is one way to optimise your visit to the Walmart online shopping website. With the use of credit cards, you can enjoy a number of benefits including cashbacks, coupons and discounts on items purchased from Walmart walk-in stores or online.


If you have no intention of walking into a Walmart store around you, or if you do not readily have access to a retail outlet, then you can do your shopping online on Walmart grocery.

With Walmart online you can purchase groceries, clothing, household items, toys, pet supplies and lots more with just a click of a button.


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So What is the Walmart Credit Card?


Walmart credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank to customers of Walmart upon application and approval.


Customers wishing to get this credit card would need to apply for one and fill out the necessary forms before they can be granted the credit card.


With this credit card, customers would be able to purchase items from Walmart stores, Sam’s Club retail warehouses and Walmart online without having to make immediate payments for items bought.


Payments for purchased goods can be paid at a later date. Therefore, the credit card offers users a convenient way of shopping even if they are currently low on cash.


How do you apply, get and activate a Walmart Credit Card?


To get and activate it, you will need to follow the three simple steps below;


Step #1:  Application


To get a Walmart credit card, you will need to apply for one. Synchrony Bank is the issuing bank of this credit card, so applying for one should be done either online or when you walk into a branch of the bank.


The application process usually involves the provision of a number of personal and financial data. To complete your application, you will also be required to provide and register a secure Walmart user identification (ID) and user password.


Step #2: Login

walmart credit card login

Once you have applied for a Walmart credit card at Synchrony Bank, you will have to wait for approval. You will be prompted as soon as your application for the credit card has been approved and you will then be required to login to your Walmart online account.


It is on your Walmart online account that you will be able to purchase items online. However, you will first need to login to this account and you do so by using your secure user ID and password.


Step #3: Activation


To activate it, you will have to login to your personal Walmart account using your registered user ID and password and sign in.

You can login to your Walmart account here. As you land on the login page, input your secure user ID and password.


Activation would entail that you provide the following information;

  • Your credit card information including your credit card number as well as security code.
  • Your bank information such as bank account number as well as routing number.
  • Also, your personal information like address, ZIP code, phone number and email address.


Once you have logged in to your personal Walmart account, you can activate your credit card. With an activated credit card, you can then purchase items from Walmart and also make utility bill payments.


Benefits of Walmart Credit Card to Users cardholder benefits

Apart from the obvious deferred payment option for purchased goods, it also offers users a number of other benefits.


Free Monthly FICO Score Notification

For starters, users will be notified of their FICO credit score on a monthly basis for free. This gives users of the Walmart credit card a clear idea of their credit performance.


 Secondly, you will be able to receive cashback rewards on items purchased. For example, there is a 5% cashback on goods online. And this includes delivery orders as well as grocery pickup.


There is also a 2% cashback reward available for Walmart credit card users who purchase items from Walmart walk-in stores.

Also, a 2% cashback reward exists on gift cards purchased from Walmart. This cashback reward applies to gift card purchases made online. It include using the Walmart mobile apps or when visiting any of the many walk-in stores available.


A 1% cashback reward also exists for every other item purchased from Walmart. Also, a 2% cashback is available for travel/restaurant purchases.


Convenient Payment

 Nothing beats buying items and paying for them at a scheduled (later) date. This is what you get when you apply and secure your card.

By spreading your liability over a period of time, you will be able to lessen the burden of having to pay for purchased items in one installment.

This is a convenient way of buying stuff and living your life without putting too much strain on your immediate finances.


Zero Annual Fees

 One question everyone wishing to have a Walmart credit card would want to ask is if the credit card comes with an annual fee. And the answer to this question is a resounding NO!



You can manage your payments here 


You can get more information and detail here.


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