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Spiegel Online is a unique news website and based on the German language. In fact, it is one of the most widely read news websites written in the German language.


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The company started operation in 1994 and started off earlier as a German news magazine named Der Spiegel.

The news magazine has journalists that are working without depending on the magazine.

As of today, Spiegel Online is considered as the most frequently quoted media product online in Germany.

Spiegel Online International is yet another section of the company, which is a section that features German articles that are translated into English. It started in the autumn of 2004.

Consequently, the news items doled out are made available in both the German and English languages.


The first inline

Spiegel Online started out on the 25th of October, 1994. It is, therefore, the very first news magazine to have an online presence globally; Spiegel Online came online just one day earlier than Time.

The outlet started as a service on CompuServe and its web domain was established a year earlier. Initially, its online news contents consisted of articles handpicked from Der Speigel, but the outlet later sourced for news from several other sources from across the globe. The outlet started publishing its original contents in 1995.

Everyone is welcome

It is owned by Spiegel Online GmbH and it is a monetized news website. The visitors to this website can either register an account or access the news items free of charge.

A registered member can comment and carry out several other activities on this website, while a non-registered member can only read the news items without being able to comment.

Also, the editorial offices of Der Spiegel print magazine and that of Spiegel Online are located in separate places, which means both companies are run separately. Each of the offices has its unique content, authors and office.

While everyone is welcome at this outlet, you will have to understand either the German or English language.

Truly profitable organization

Spiegel Online is a truly profitable organization. The company has up to 150 regular staff in its headquarters located in Hamburg. This outlet is complemented by international news bureaus, domestic agencies and freelancers.

The outlet equally has an office in Berlin where 15 correspondents cover the activities of the German federal government, artists, corporations and political parties.

A wide reach across the globe

The global reach of this organization makes it one of the best online news agencies out there today. Spiegel Online has offices in Dusseldorf, as well as, Munich; each of these offices has a single correspondent.

Additionally, it has journalists that are based in other cities like Istanbul, New Delhi, Moscow, London, New York and Washington DC.

The news items published on Spiegel are not only derived from its direct correspondents in the various cities mentioned above; the organization equally sources for news from other news agencies, like Reuters, DPA, AP and AFP. Furthermore, Spiegel  gets supports from correspondents working for Der Spiegel magazine.

Consequently, you will be adequately informed when you go through Spiegel Online.

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