Best Shopping Websites Like Amazon

The world today has evolved into a world of technology making our daily lives comfortable and giving us access to so many things. One of the major development technologies has brought to the world is the emergence of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce has brought about convenience and accessibility, making it easy to transfer funds, pay bills, and most-importantly buy and sell goods online.

Due to numerous stress of shopping and making sales, online shops like Amazon have come in place to ease the troubles of having to wait in long lines and walk about stores searching for an item you need.

They have provided varieties of items and brands for you to choose from and have also created a platform for you to sell your goods without leaving your comfort zone.

While Amazon stands out as the first and the largest shopping website, its services are not available to all countries, thereby leaving questions like, is there another website like Amazon? in the mind of online shoppers.

In this article, we will be sharing other website like Amazon that have evolved over the years, making online shopping affordable and available in every part of the world.

Best Shopping Websites like Amazon


1. eBay

eBay is one of the largest multinational e-commerce corporations that gives online shoppers the ability to explore brands, make easy payments, and also has a series of products that are delivered free all over the world. Actually, ¬†eBay is said to be Amazon’s biggest competition as it allows you to bid on products and shop at discounted rates.

eBay is unique in its services because it acts as a bridge between businesses, third-party sellers, and shoppers looking to buy.



2. AliExpress 

AliExpress is another fast-growing e-commerce store that provides you with reliable and affordable brands to shop with. The shop AliExpress unlike other websites cuts off the presence of a middleman making its goods accessible to everyone at affordable prices directly from the factory.

AliExpress is well known as a wholesale marketplace with a standard security service that enables you to trade safely without the fear of being scammed. It has a refund policy that assures you of getting the best services and enables you to return goods if they do not align with your request.



3. Newegg

Newegg is another efficient online store, but unlike Amazon and the rest, it is a tech-based store. It deals in tech-based goods such as laptops, televisions, digital cameras, and other tech-based items. Over time it has grown to become a major competitor to Amazon because of its unique items and swift delivery policy.



4. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a fast-growing shopping website like Amazon. It is uniquely known for selling the newest fashion and trending styles for men and women.

Also, it has a reputation for giving out its products at discounted rates, making it affordable and accessible to online shoppers.

Forever 21 deals strictly in clothing items as well as lifestyle products that distinguish it from other online stores.



5. Journeys

Journeys is another unique online store like Newegg. But unlike Newegg, Journeys deals with infancy and classy footwear for men, women, and kids. It is known to provide classy footwear and accessories from famous brands and provides efficient services worldwide.



6. QVC.Com

QVC.Com is another fast-growing shopping website. It generated from a television-based shopping network to a website, making its product accessible to online shoppers. Also, QVC.Com is a unique website has it gives room for installment payment of its goods. This means that you are allowed to pay small parts of the money for the items you want within a fixed period.



7. Zappos

Zappos is another website like Amazon that allows you to shop online with a secured payment policy. The shop Zappos unlike other websites rewards you for every purchase you make. It also provides you with a fast delivery system especially if it’s an item that is urgently needed.

Zappos upholds its reputation of having the best customer service system. It provides you with items that can be freely shipped as well as a reliable returns system.



8. Barnes & Noble:

Barnes & Noble is an alternative to an online website like Amazon. It originally had its focus as an online book store like Amazon. It provided millions of online shoppers with access to books, magazines, textbooks as well as e-books. Over the years it evolved into sales of shop music, toys, games, movies, hobby equipment, and many more.

Barnes & Noble has a fast-shipping method and provides its customers access to affordable books, making it easy for online shoppers to spend less and gain more.




Walmart is very popular. It is  one of the fast-growing and largest companies in the world.  Also, Walmart has its uniqueness in its availability of a worldwide chain of physical stores(supermarkets). This makes it easy for online shoppers to select their items online, have them shipped to their doorsteps or pick them up at a nearby outlet.

Walmart also provides items from its online stores to local stores nearby, making its items accessible and affordable, thereby creating a reliable system of service.



10. ETSY

ETSY is a different and unique shopping website like Amazon. Items on ETSY are rather specific because of its quality handmade products. It provides online shoppers with creative handmade accessories, pieces of furniture, clothing, jewelry, and vintage items that cannot be found elsewhere.

Items sold on ETSY are sold directly from artisans who made these products. They give their customers one of kind services and an opportunity for the specification of the item they want. So, if you are the type who likes to stand out in your accessories, be sure to check out ETSY and get your unique handcrafted items.



There are many other shopping websites apart from Amazon. They offer really good services and provide you with diverse choices to shop from.

The above listed 10 websites Amazon alternatives are the outstanding ones because of their difference and uniqueness. So, maybe you don’t have Amazon available in your country. If youd have been wondering if there is another website like Amazon, be sure to check out the above-listed websites and get shopping with ease.


How to build or create a ecommerce shopping website like Amazon?

If you want to create or build an ecommerce website like you will have to spend milions. However there are some templates available or HTML that can help you do something basic with the idea of the Amazon shop.