Ross Online Shopping website

Does Rose have online shopping?

Can you shopp Ross Online? Note that while Ross Dress for Less has a online store website, it is not for making any online purchases. They do not sell items online like other stores.

However, you can search the ‘Store Locator’ on the site for available store locations in your area.

You can also get respective store information like their hours of operation. If you want to know what can be ‘Found In Store’, you can do so from the Ross Stores official website.

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Ross Stores Official site

  • Ross Stores official site: The Worldwide Web can be a frustrating place if you don’t know the exact address of a website. You can visit Ross online shop at If you want to send enquiries via email, you can do so to –
  • In addition to sending emails, you can also reach out to representatives through their social media channels on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • If you need to speak with a support representative of Ross, you can do so by calling this phone number 800-335-1115.



They do not have an app or any software applications for any mobile device or operating system.



Ross Dress for Less offers many dynamic, but seasonal mouthwatering deals. However, the most consistent discounts on offer include the Personalized Gift Card and 55+ Tuesday Discount.

Ross Stores offers bargain deals on clothing, shoes, dresses, purses, bags, home decor, furniture, jewelry and other accessories for all ages mens and womens. However, if you are 55 years and above, you will be able to enjoy the 10% discount offer on all items purchased on Tuesdays only.


Ross Dress for Less Gift Cards:

Shoppers can get a Ross Gift card. There are one that go for as low as USD $10 or as high as USD $150. If you shop at a Ross Store in California, you can exchange your gift card for cash if the balance on the card is less than USD $10.

What’s more, you can order a gift card online at There are several fun and exciting designs to choose from. They will deliver the gift card to your home. You can also buy a gift card for family and friends.

You can customize the card to reflect the gift card amount, design, and special message. As the Christmas and New Year festivities are fast approaching, you can buy a gift card to reflect the occasion. Note that Ross gift cards or store credits do not expire. However, you cannot hold a Ross shop in your locality accountable for a stolen or misplaced gift card.


55+ Tuesday Discount:


Ross Dress for Less offers customers that are 55 years old and over a chance to buy items at an even lower than average price, including shoes and all the popular products. The 55+ Tuesday Discount program grants a 10% off on all items purchased on Tuesday. Eligibility for the program is subject to the presentation of a valid ID that indicates your date of birth and age.

An associate should be notified during the purchase of items at any Ross Store across the country. Once across gain this program is only operable on Tuesday and discounts cannot be transferred to other customers. If you are an eligible customer, you will be required to be present in person at the location of your purchase in order to enjoy the discount.


How to shop online at

Currently you can’t shop online at but you can locate any place using the near me locator.


Store Locator near me

Ross department stores are available all across the US. With the ‘Store Locator’ on their official website, you can find the nearest store to you. While you cannot shop online, you can still order a gift card online. Ross Stores will deliver these gift cards to you or to a recipient of your choice.

Every shop is implementing a well-coordinated COVID 19 protocol to help minimize the spread of the virus. If you have any questions about relating to the workings of Ross Store, please drop your enquiries in the comments box below.


Resource Center customer service

Yes. Associates can obtain information on all the resources that are available for Associates on On this restricted site, Associates of Ross can find out about their benefits and entitlements amongst other information.

If you are interested in working for them, you can apply for a job as an Associate or build a career by working at any of the corporate offices spread across the country.


Customer Safety Protocols

As the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic still reverberates throughout the US, Ross Stores is proactive in their efforts to minimize the risk of another wave of infection. To this end, they have taken deliberate COVID 19 preventive steps in all their stores nationwide. Some of these steps include:

  • An increase in their rate of cleaning as well as disinfecting routines.
  • The closing of fitting rooms in all stores.
  • Regulating the number of walk-in customers into a store at any given point in time.
  • Promoting social distancing by widening the aisle in all their stores.
  • Regularly providing all shop Associates with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Ensuring that all customers to their stores wear a face mask. The exception to this rule applies to persons with underlying health problems and young children.


Ross Dress for Less Catalogue

  Ross does not print product catalogs and this is due to several reasonable factors, such as:

  • The only items Ross Stores hunts for are manufacturer closeouts.
  • They offer a broad and eclectic mix of products.
  • They do not purchase particular items in large quantities. While one location may have an item, another may not have the exact same item in stock.

These reasons make it extremely difficult and unnecessary for them to design and print catalogs.



For more than three decades, Ross Stores under its ‘Ross Dress for Less’ moniker has been providing customers with some of the best bargains around. It supplies top-notch specialty and department store brands making them accessible at bargain prices to a wide range of customers.

There is always something available for all ages which makes it a preferred destination for shoppers looking for a holistic family experience. This is where the secret of its success lies. What makes them one of the largest US retail chains is the fact that customers are always guaranteed savings on purchases.

It reaches out to top clothing and accessories brands, strike unbelievable deals, and provide their customers with bargain discounts. In this guide, we will unveil all you need to know about Ross Stores. We will provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about their operations and services. At the end of this guide, you will know what makes it tick.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Customers Shop Tax-free?

Yes. With a tax exemption certificate, you can shop tax-free at Ross stores. However, resale certificates are not acceptable.


Are they Involved in Community Development Programs?

Yes. They actively participates in meaningful community development programs. For example, they are partners with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).

In this partnership, Ross Stores is committed to helping kids to lead healthy lives, grow in self-confidence, and attain academic excellence.


Can you shop online at Ross stores?

No, Ross doesn’t have a department store with online shopping.



Can you use TJ Maxx card at Ross?

No, you can’t.


Where does it get its items?

Most of the clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods sold in stores are bought from suppliers after they have been made and imported for other retailers.


Is Ross or TJ Max better?

Both are great. For brands shoes, you should check out the shoe sections at Ross and T.J. Maxx when you visit these stores. T.J. Maxx usually has better deals on dressy shoes, while Ross is a good place to find shoes for everyday wear.

Is Ross really cheaper?

Yes, in general it is less expensive than shopping at department stores. The company offers discounts of 20% to 60% on items compared to typical department stores. It also includes a price comparison feature to help customers get the best price on the items they sell.