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Ocado provides different categories of deals and offers to its customers. These customers can buy groceries and other items sold here at very cheap prices.

The deals are equally available for every item sold here and you can get more details about these offers in the official website


Ocado is divided into different departments for the easy management of the services provided here. The  departments available are below:

  • Fresh
  • Food cupboard
  • Bakery
  • Frozen
  • Soft drinks, tea & coffee
  • Beer, wine & Spirits
  • Baby & Child
  • Toiletries
  • Household
  • etc





Ocado serves England and Wales. And the orders are processed directly from the warehouse at Hatfield, United Kingdom.

So,  it does not have any pickup location. The items processed are delivered directly to the buyer from the warehouse.


Customer Service

You can get help from the FAQ page on the website. There you can find answers to asked questions by customers. The answers to these questions are detailed.
And can be enough to inform you about how to use this website and order items from the online supermarket.
If you need more details about how the outlet operates, you can get more information from the customer care agents. You can send them an email or giving them a call. You can access the live chat services provided here for an instant response.
Also, you can contact the customer care agents via any of the social media accounts listed above.


Ocado serves both England and Wales. As hinted earlier, orders are processed from Hatfield, United Kingdom. And shipped to the home of the customer.

This feature distinguishes Ocado from its competitors in the UK.


Check ocado.com Reviews

If you want to access some of the available reviews of www.ocado.com you can check the following options:


Trustpilot reviews

Ocado.com has a great 3.9 of 5 score from more than 12.600 reviews.


reviews.io reviews

Ocado.com has a high 4.2 of 5 score from more than 2400 reviews



For us it has an overall very positive review.


About Ocado

Ocado is an online supermarket with its headquarters in Hatfield, United Kingdom. The company, does not have any brick and mortar delivery store unlike its competitors. This means all orders and deliveries are processed from its warehouse in Hatfield.

Ocado introduced its iPhone app in 2009 and its Android app in 2010. The android app has more features than the iPhone app. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in July 2010. And its share rose by up to 20% after fulfilling its deal with the Casino Group from France.