www.macys.com/easyreturn customer service free returns

www.macys.com/easyreturn customer

The https www macys com easyreturn is the official macy’s online shopping section for customer service free returns.


The steps are the following:

  1. Go to visit https://www.macys.com/purchases/easyreturns
  2. You can:
    1. Click on Start a Return and Sign In or
    2. Enter your order number
  3. Select if it is a gift
  4. Verify with your mail address or phone number.
  5. Click on View order details.
  6. Select the order for free return.
  7. Print the confirmation page
  8. Print the mailing label
  9. Pack the items and the confirmation page
  10. Ship for free from a UPS location.
  11. You can also return for free on a macy’s store.