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Iceland Foods Ltd is a popular supermarket in Britain with its headquarters in Wales. The outlet sells frozen foods, including vegetables and prepared meals. This outlet equally sells non-frozen grocery items, like dry goods, dairy, meat and produce. As of today, Iceland holds about a 2.2% share of the UK food market. It was founded in 1970 and has up to 800 stores spread across the UK.
Iceland had a net income of £160 million as of 2014. The outlet has more than 23,000 employees as of 2016. The company was established by Malcolm Walker and Peter Hinchcliffe; the two of them were employees of Woolworths at the time. The outlet started with loose frozen food but later opened a store for labeled packaged food in 1977 in Manchester. The number of stores has risen to 28 in 1978.

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Iceland both 18 more stores from St. Catherine’s’ Freezer Centers located in Bristol in 1983 and took the business public in 1984. The company bought several other outlets after then and now has more than 800 stores located in different parts of the UK.

It later added seven stores at Dublin and another at Letterkenny. However, some of these stores were closed down because of financial difficulties.


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Free Delivery home

You can get home free delivery both at iceland.co.uk or in store. Just spend 35£ and you will get free delivery on the next day in your home.

Remember to book your delivery after your purchase.


How to login to iceland.co.uk and sign in

  1. Go to the login page to sign in https://www.iceland.co.uk/login
  2. Write your mail address and password.
  3. Click on Sign In securely
  4. If you are new you must register first. Click on Create an account.


How to create an account in www.iceland.co.uk

  1. Go to the create an account page: https://www.iceland.co.uk/account/register
  2. Write your details.
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Once you login in https://www.iceland.co.uk/login you will access my account section.

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Iceland.co.uk is categorized into different departments and these departments are below:

  • Summer
  • Frozen
  • Fresh
  • Food cupboard
  • Drinks
  • Household
  • Bakery
  • Swimming world
  • Grocery





Iceland has up to 800 stores all over the UK and you can find them easily by using the Store Locator:

  • Visit https://www.iceland.co.uk/store-finder to access the store locations, which can help you to locate the particular Iceland department close to you.
  • The store locator works automatically and will first detect your current location after which it will show you the nearest Iceland stores to your location.
  • You can also use the store locator to find the stores manually. All you have to do is to type your particular location in the search box, which you can find at the top of the homepage.


Customer Service

You can find loads of information that can guide you on how to patronize this outlet on the homepage of the online shop website.

You can also check the FAQ page for information about this company. The Contact Us page is one other channel through which you can contact the company and learn more about how it operates.

Never also forget to check the various social media accounts for more information about this company.


Store locations

  • East of England has 3 stores
  • London has 6 stores
  • North West has 2 stores
  • Southeast has 5 stores
  • Southwest has 5 stores
  • Wales has 1 store
  • West Midlands has 3 stores
  • Yorkshire has 3 stores



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