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Hse24 is a home shopping Media Company located in Germany, Ismaning, Bayern to be precise. The company was founded in 1995. And it deals with home shopping in Europe with its services spreading beyond the boundaries of Germany. The outlet is involved in various aspects: entertainment, media, internet and even fashion.
It is a multichannel home shopping company. And it offers the customers multimedia shopping experience via several media platforms:
  • social media offering,
  • smart TV,
  • video-on-demand,
  • tablet,
  • mobile,
  • online,
  • TV
Its TV programs feature product demonstrations and helpful advice. Also, the company provides its customers with information about:
  • live streams,
  • videos,
  • detailed close-ups,
  • ratings
  • and product info.
Additionally, Jan Schulze and Ralph Brugger head the management. The chair of the supervisory board is Richard Reeitzner. While the registration office is at Ismaning Local Court Munich.
The actions of the company are strong by integrity. And the services include obedience to fair competition and partnership with other businesses. The outlet sets out its most important conduct in a binding form in Hse24 code of conduct.
The top priorities include fair production and quality. the outlet has over 20,000 products in various segments:
  • household,
  • home & living,
  • beauty & wellness,
  • jewelry and
  • fashion.
The company became a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) in February 2017. The company is always on the outlook for opportunities. It aims to improve its working conditions in agricultural enterprises and factories all over the world.

hse24 online shopping

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  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty products
  • Internet, like social media offering, smart TV, video-on-demand, tablet, mobile, online, TV.
  • Media
  • Entertainment


You can easily contact any of the Hse24 stores in your locality by using the shop locator, which can be downloaded online very easily.

  • Visit https://www.reply.com/en/content/we-focus-on-the-customer-at-hse24 to check for the specific location of any of the stores close to you.
  • The map will also show you the location of the store and this happens automatically. It can also show you other stores close to your specific locations. Furthermore, Hse24 store locator can show you the stores in other parts of Germany and you can search for these other stores by using the search box located at the top of the screen.


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