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H&M is a Swedish-based international retail-clothing and accessories company. It was founded in 1947 with its headquarters in Stockholm. Back then the company was now as Hennessy, but now it is Hennes & Mauritz or simply H&M.
H&M is currently headed by Karl-Johan Persson who takes up the mantle of President and CEO. This company operates in over 60 countries worldwide. They also have an extensive list of suppliers from across the globe. HM online shopping website can be accessed by people in as many as 33 different countries.


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www.hm.com Official site

H&M has a very active online shopping platform and an equally effervescent social media presence. You can reach and connect with HM on the following links;



H&M offers its customers an opportunity to shop for clothing items and accessories right from their mobile devices. Whether you use an Android or iOS device, you can conveniently download the FREE HM apps today. Et the links below;



H&M offers online shoppers with exciting deals. Some of these deals and offers include;

  • Best Sellers from $4.99
  • Online Offers from $4.99
  • Outfit Sets from $14.99
  • Multipacks from $9.99
  • Join Loyalty: Get 10% Off

If you want to know what other deals and offers you can cash-in on, visit HM online shopping right here.


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Shopping Departments

H&M  caters for three key departments. Clothing and accessories are available for virtually everyone. The departments include;

  • Ladies
  • Men
  • Kids



By 2019, H&M officially had 4,958 stores worldwide. These stores are some of the most sort after clothing and accessories outlets in Africa, America Asia and Europe.


H&M Online Shop Help

H&M have garnered a glowing reputation for being very responsive to enquiries on their online shopping platform. The main reason for this is their diverse means of communicating with prospective customers.

They have a Live Chat facility which operates round the clock to provide on-the-spot responses to enquiries.

H&M also has a vibrant call center which entertains calls from Monday to Sunday and if you are active on social media platforms, the you can connect with H&M on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Note that opening hours from Monday to Friday is 8am to 9pm. While on Saturday it is 9am to 6pm and on Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Store locations

H&M has a well-established international presence. Apart from the 4,958 stores spread across the entire world, they also have a lot of supplier factories in countries such as;

  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Ethiopia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Kenya
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Morocco



The company also stands as the second-largest clothing retailer in the world today, second to Inditex, another clothing retailer based in Spain. Inditex’s parent company is called Zara.

The online presence of the company is also outstanding. You can get in touch with the company online and also order any of the items sold here without any problem whatsoever.

The online presence of the company is only available in 33 countries. The company still plans to spread to other countries so that many more people can patronize its online outlet.


Online Shopping Competitors


Background information

Hennes & Mauritz AB opened for business in 1947 in Sweden and the name of the founder is Erling Persson. The company currently has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The actual number of brick and mortar outlets belonging to the company as of February 2019 was 4,958. The company does not sell only clothing; it also sells fashion accessories and the items on sale here are all of the top quality and can last for long.

The total revenue of the company as of 2016 was US25.191 billion, while the operating income was US2.692 billion as of 2016. The 2016 net income was also US$2.106 billion, while the total assets worth US$11.139 billion as of 2016.

Total equity stood at US$6.919 billion as of 2016. The owner of the company, Stefan Persson, has a 28% stake in the company and the total employee rose to 148,000 as of December 2015. The company has some subsidiaries worthy of note; they are:



The first one opened in August 2017 on Regent Street. However, the preparation started in June 2015. The company labeled the brand a modern-day market. It equally houses a line called the archive.


Cheap Monday

It has a distinctive skull logo and the launching occurred in 2004. You can access the brand from virtually any of the online and brick and mortar stores across the globe.



The company labeled it as WEEKDAY. It also houses several in-house brands, like Weekday Collection and MTWTFSS WEEKDAY.



It is a rather crazy and wild international retail concept from Hennes & Mauritz AB. The brand puts in all its effort to counter the ordinary and to boost the imaginations of its customers. The company works to take the shopping experiences of the clients to the next level. You can buy fashion items for a young woman in up to 13 markets if you are buying at brick and mortar stores and 18 markets if you are buying from the online store.


FeBric Scandinavien AB

This brand joined Hennes & Mauritz AB in 2008 after the company acquired 60% of the former’s share. The company went ahead in 2010 to buy the remaining shares.



The company first launched its first store in March 2007 on Regent Street, London. The event was marked with a catwalk show that took place at the Royal Academy. The concept of the company comprises of minimalist style. And derived its inspiration from various areas of human try including design, graphics and architecture.
The platform has expertise in modern clothing pieces for both men and women. The clothes made at this outlet can still serve you even beyond the season.
The outlet currently has 197 stores. They are distributed across 34 countries in various continents: the Middle East, Australia, North America, Asia and even Europe.
The outlet has an online presence and customers can buy any of the items on sale here online.


How to shop online in www.hm.com

The website of the company is at www.hm.com. As stated earlier, Hennes & Mauritz AB has a presence in up to 66 countries across the globe.
The outlet also has up to 4,958 stores spread across these countries. If your home or location is too far from any of the brick and mortar stores, you can visit the website. There you can to order any of the items the outlet sells at its brick and mortar stores. This way, you will not have to go through the stress of visiting stores to buy items.
What is more, the company will ship the item you buy to your location and you will not have to spend a dime on shipping.
But, it is unfortunate that Hennes & Mauritz AB currently offers online sales in just 33 countries. If you live in any of these 33 countries, you can easily enjoy the online shopping benefits of this platform.
The company plans to expand its online presence to more countries in the future. So that many more people can buy clothing or fashion accessories online.

Unique fashion products

Hennes & Mauritz AB sells top quality fashion items. And it is one of the leading fashion retails companies in Sweden and several other countries around the world.
The company had grown over the years and it keeps on increasing the fashion brands it has on display. This is about the best outlet to patronize when searching for leading fashion labels in any of the countries where the outlet operates.
The company added collections from Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 and the entire collection sold off within one hour. The company also added collections by Stella McCartney.
Later in 2006, the company added collections by Viktor & Rolf, the avant-garde Dutch designers. The company added collections by Roberto Cavalli in November 2007 and it sold out very fast.
Hennes & Mauritz AB also added collections by Kylie Minogue to its stores across the globe later in 2007. The launching took place in Shanghai, China.