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Ireland is well known for its lovely countryside with beautiful lush green fields and warm people. The homely, welcoming feeling of Ireland is what stands out and sets it apart from other places.

The family unit is very important in Ireland and nothing typifies the famous Irish hospitality better than a family-owned retail shop. Dunnes Stores Grocery online (dunnesstores.com) is one of such retail businesses that best exemplifies the Irish spirit.

This post lets you in on what this privately run Irish retail shop is all about. You will also learn how and why you should sign up to their ecommerce site for your food, fashion, and homeware.

What is Dunnes Stores Grocery?

 It may interest you to know that Dunnes Stores Grocery is a retail business in Ireland with over seven decades of corporate existence. Launched as a family-run retail shop in 1947, Dunnes Stores Grocery has maintained the principles of its startup and continued in its tradition as a family-owned retail till this day.

Dunnes Stores Grocery is leading the way in the provision of food, fashion, and homeware items to meet the needs of its ever-growing customers. As a family retail business, Dunnes Stores Grocery takes pride in providing quality products and value-added services to millions of homes in Ireland and abroad.

It has completely changed the way retail business should be run by focusing on providing “Better Value” to every single customer. It is this constant need to offer customers greater value for money that has made Dunnes Stores Grocery survive and thrive all through the years.

Dunnes Stores Grocery has been able to evolve and remain relevant as a retail business because of its openness to change. This is one of the reasons why the Dunnes Stores Grocery online ecommerce site was launched.

The ecommerce site offers customers an opportunity to view and order for any of the brands and products available at Dunnes Stores Grocery without having to physically visit a retail outlet.



High Quality Food, Fashion and Homeware at Dunnes Stores Grocery Online

 Dunnes Stores Grocery online offers customers a wide range of local, fresh and affordable produce. Customers can also try out their award-winning proprietary range of food collection called “Simply Better”.

There are also a number of fashion and homeware items that customers can buy on the ecommerce site. Customers can choose from a variety of stylish clothing supplied by top Irish fashion designers.



Top Irish Brands Available 

 The top brands supplying quality products to Dunnes Stores Grocery include:

  • Carolyn Donnelly,
  • Gallery,
  • Helen Steele,
  • Joanne Hynes,
  • Paul Costelloe Living Studio,
  • Lennon Courtney,
  • and Savida.



 There are fashionable clothing for children, teenagers, and adults. These clothing include:

  • coats and jackets,
  • jumpers and cardigans,
  • cashmere,
  • dresses,
  • skirts,
  • blouses and skirts,
  • trousers,
  • jeans,
  • crop trousers,
  • sportswear,
  • hoodies and sweatshirts, tops,
  • t-shirts and vests,
  • joggers and leggings,
  • swimwear,
  • maternity
  • and the seamless collection.


Shoes and Accessories:

 Customers can order different types of shoes and accessories. Some of these include: shoes, boots and footwear, bags and purses, luggage and travel, hats, scarves and gloves, face covering and face masks.



 Dunnes Stores Grocery has an extensive supply of affordable kitchen and dining, living room, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, and garden homewares for every family.


Get Dunnes Stores Grocery Gift Card

 You can get any one of three different types of gift cards on Dunnes Stores Grocery online. There is a gift card for corporate clients while non-corporate customers can request for a Physical Gift Card.

However, customers can also shop across every departmental store in Dunnes Stores Grocery online using an E-Gift Card. It is a virtual gift card that is now available for family and friends.


Download Dunnes Stores Grocery Apps for Free


Whenever you download the Dunnes Stores Grocery mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices you will get a €10 off €30 WELCOME Grocery Voucher.

You can get these free-to-download mobile apps on the Dunnes Stores Grocery online ecommerce site or Apple iStore (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).


Sign Up to Create a Dunnes Stores Grocery Online VALUEclub Account

New and existing customers to Dunnes Stores Grocery online can create a VALUEclub account. As a VALUEclub member, customers can accumulate points that will go towards earning them with: great discounts, gift items, cashback, and other rewards in the future.

To create a VALUEclub account, you first have to Sign Up with Dunnes Stores Grocery online. To Sign up, you have to decide on whether to use either your mobile phone number or email address as your VALUEclub username. You can Sign Up to a VALUEclub account here.


Secure Payment at Dunnes Stores Grocery eCommerce Site


You can safely order food, fashion and homeware items on Dunnes Stores Grocery ecommerce site. This online retail shop uses Comodo Secure firewall technology to protect your financial data from cyber criminals.

Orders can be made with payments via Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards. Dunnes Stores Grocery also accepts payment through e-payment portals like PayPal.


Customer Support 

You can use the on-site store finder to locate Dunnes Stores Grocery outlets spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain. For more information about the various outlets, products, and services, you can contact the customer support team at Dunnes Stores Grocery online in the following ways:

  • Email: customerservice@dunnesstores.com
  • Phone: Republic of Ireland: 0818 300066, United Kingdom: +44 121 7379 166, International: +353 818 300066. You can put a call through on Monday to Friday from 8AM to 7PM and on Saturday & Sunday from 10AM to 6PM.
  • Social Media Platforms: Twitter and Facebook available on Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM.
  • Post to: Dunnes Stores Customer Services, 46-50 South Great George’s Street Dublin 2, D02 RX86, Ireland.


In Conclusion

Dunnes Stores Grocery online is the place to be for your food, fashion, and homeware needs in Ireland. You can get a free 2-day delivery – order by 8PM with orders placed on a Friday delivered by Monday.

Sign up with this ecommerce site. Join the VALUEclub and get an E-Gift Card to enjoy attractive discounts on all your orders today.