www Costco com Online Shopping for members and without a membership

Can you shop costco online?

Yes, it provides an online shop on the official site www.costco.com. You can order various items from this platform. However you can save money buying in your nearest local warehouse.


Costco online shopping Official site

Costco Wholesale corporation is available for online purchases. If you want to shop at www.Costco.com, then you can do when you visit their official website. You can also check them out on Facebook and Pinterest.

Costco website URL, official social media links are below:


Can anybody order from Costco Online without a membership?

Yes, to buy in the warehouse you need to be a member but this is not required online. You don’t need a membership but non members pay an extra 5%.


Can you purchase the same products online and in the warehouse?

No there are not the same products available in warehouse or online. Also, online prices are usually higher than warehouse prices due to shipping costs.


How to shop online at www.costo.com

How do I order from the website?

The shopping process to buy online is easy. Follow the steps below to shop here:

  1. Navigate to the home page and login if you are an existing customer or register using the upper right corner options.
  2. Click on Shop to start the shopping process.
  3. Click on any of the category of items you want to buy from the list that came up.
  4. Then click on the particular item you want to buy and it will be automatically added to cart.
  5. Click on the cart and it will take you to the checkout page.
  6. You can now pay off the item and it will be prepared for shipping.

The various items you buy from this outlet can be delivered to your home in any of the countries where the company has a stake. All the items sold here are of top quality and they even come with long term warranty. You can also access up to 4% cash-back on the items you purchase from this outlet.


costco online shopping


The Costco.com  app can be accessed by both Android and iOS mobile device users. Downloading the app is absolutely free and with the app you can shop from anywhere and at any time of the day.



There are many deals available in the homepage of Costco online: hot buys, beauty savings, member only and online only savings.

www.Costco.com is known to offer their members a variety of amazing shopping deals that provide cost saving benefits to members. A couple of these deals include;

  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card: Provided by Citi, this Visa Card offers members a number of benefits that include;
  • Gas purchase benefits (4% paid back)
  • Restaurant/Travel purchase benefits (3% paid back)
  • 2% discount for purchases at Costco or Costco online.
  • 1% discount for purchases anywhere else.
  • Zero annual fee.


Costco For members

Executive and Gold Star Membership Offer is for members: Members that make purchases as much as $230 monthly for about a year can subscribe to the Executive membership plan.

There is a special cashback for members. As a member you get back 2% of your purchases which ultimately takes care of your membership fee.

Members can also subscribe to a Gold Star membership plan if they prefer.


Costco shopping secrets




Does Costco deliver for free?

You can have same-day delivery orders and 2-day.


Two-day delivery

The online shop of Costco offers a new system called two-day delivery service, this system enables to deliver any item you buy from the outlet can be delivered to your doorstep for free if your order is up to $75.  This only affects items marked as CostoGrocery.

The two-day service does not include refrigerated and fresh foods, but includes series of items like soda cans, toiletries, canned vegetables and cereal.


Same day delivery

You can also enjoy free delivery for same-day for order up to $35 or more. You will have to pay a service fee of 10% if you order via Instacart.

The items you order from this outlet can be shipped to your doorstep within just 2 hours for those who opt for the same—day shipping.

While you can get free shipping on this platform, you will not be able to get free sample via online delivery. You will need to visit the brick and mortar platform to get a free sample.


You can avoid delivery fees if you pick up items available in the In-Warehouse. The purchases in the website are more expensive due to service fees and costco delivery costs. You can shop cheaper at costco warehouse


How do you order groceries from Costco.com

The process of purchasing grocery items it is not difficult at all. You can follow the steps below to order grocery from the platform:

  1. First of all to start ordering visit the website at www.costco.com
  2. When on the home page, look for the dropdown box beside the search bar and click on it.
  3. A list of items will come up. Look for Grocery among them and click on it.
  4. You can now search for any grocery item you want to order.

If the item is eligible for 2-day delivery, you will find it tagged with 2-Day.

If you want to order groceries at a future date, simply visit the website and locate Grocery in the blue banner that you can find at the top of the home page. Bear in mind that it is possible to purchase both grocery items and costco.com. The two sets of items are listed separately.


How to login to Costco.com 

You will need to login before you can start ordering and shopping on Costco. You can also shop at this platform without logging in or even registering an account.

However, you will not be able to buy some items or access some services if you do not login.  The login process is very easy.  Check below how to login:

costco.com sign in

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. Click on My Account. You can find the link on the top of the home page.
  3. A new page will appear where you can login.
  4. You will need to provide your email address and password to sign in.
  5. You can also click on the box in front of “Remember me”. This way, you will not have to provide your login details again when next you want to login to your account on this website.

If you forgot your login details, you can simply click on “Forgot your password?”  on the login page to reset your password.


How to see the Costco Catalogue 

There are many shopping departments offered in its catalogue. The catalog range from home improvement to books and toys.

Some of the catalogue departments here you can purchase items include;

  • Appliances
  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Clothing,Luggage & Handbags
  • Computers
  • Electronics
    • TV: You can shop TV by inches size, installations and accessories. Televisions have free technical support and 90 day return policy.
  • Floral & Gift Baskets
  • Food, Household & Pet
  • Furniture & Mattresses:
    • Living room furniture
    • Bedroom furniture
    • Office furniture
    • Nursery, Baby and Kids furniture
    • Kitchen and dining room furniture
  • Gift Cards & Tickets

cosco catalogue

The online catalog of Costco can be located at www.costco.com/catalog.html.


costco website

How can I access my Cart

You can access to your cart in this online shop link https://www.costco.com/CheckoutCartView

What is the Shop Card

shop card

The shop card product is a payment option for customer members. https://www.costco.com/costco-shop-card.product.10024438.html



Stores and warehous locations

It has about 785 warehouse locations around the world. In the United States, customers can have access to a number of stores in major cities. Below are the locations of a few of these stores in the U.S;

  • Lanham, MD, United States.
  • Arlington, VA, United States.
  • Beltsville, MD, United States.
  • Wheaton, MD, United States.
  • Alexandria, VA, United States.
  • Brandywine, MD, United States.
  • Springfield, VA, United States.
  • Hanover, MD, United States.


What Payment methods do Costco Accept??

These are the available costco payment methods:

Warehouse locations payment methods accepted

  • Visa Cards including the costco anywhere
  • Costco Shop cards
  • Cash
  • Debit/ATM cards
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Pay by mobile (samsung pay, apple pay and google pay)
  • Personal checks and business checks from members


US Costco Gas Stations payment methods accepted

  • Visa Cards including the costco anywhere
  • Debit/ATM cards
  • Costco Shop cards


Costco.com payment methods accepted

  • Visa Cards including the costco anywhere
  • Mastercard
  • Costco Shop Cards


Customer service

Costco online shop provides a number of options for both customers and prospective customers.

The contact number or customer service phone number is 1-800-444-1408

These customer support options in costco.com are specific to need and help people to resolve pending issues quickly. They include;

  • Self Service
  • Credit Card
  • Membership
  • Orders
  • General Information
  • Returns, Refunds & Replacements
  • Product Information
  • Technical & Warranty Support

Also, you can also make use of the Live Chat and Call support.


Store locations

Costco warehouses can be found in the following countries;

  • United States
  • Puerto rico
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Spain
  • France
  • South Korea
  • Iceland





If you want to check the reviews of this shop you have the following options:

  • Trustpilot: One of the most important review website. Here the shop has a rating of 1.6 out of 5. With both good and bad reviews.
  • consumeraffairs: The average score of the customer ratings 3.8 out of 5.
  • Sitejabber: Only 11 reviews so it is not a good base to extract conclusions.


There are many good and bad opinions about www.costco.com. Usually, customers always write a bad review but not always a good one.  So, the final rating for us is positive.


About Costco.com

Costco is an American owned retail company. It was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman in 1976 as Price Club. However, by 1983, their business name would be changed to Costco.

Today this multinational corporation runs a chain of membership-based warehouse clubs. Its headquarters is in Issaquah, Washington, United States.

By 2019, it was in 785 locations around the world. The company is in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. W. Craig Jelinek is the President and CEO of the company.


Frequently Asked Questions


does sams club or costco do shopping onlinw and delivery

Yes. Actually in some zip codes there is a 1-day delivery time. Check for more information https://www.costco.com/my-life-costco-grocery-online-delivery.html


How does costco online shop work

Like all the others. You log in the official site. Select all the products. Pay and wait for the order.


When did costco start online shop

It happened in 2017.


Do you need a costco membership or shop card to shop online?

No, you need it for the warehouse but it is not necessary online. You can shop even if you are not a costco member.  But it is very recommended for the purchase deals and discounts.

However take into account that warehouse prices are cheaper. You can find more warehouse savings than in the website because you don’t pay the delivery fee.


Is it cheaper to buy Costco at the store or online?

If a product is available both on the Costco website and in their warehouses, it is usually cheaper to buy it in the warehouse. This is because the website price usually includes extra charges for shipping and handling.


How much charge for home delivery?

For non-perishable pantry items, there is a $3 delivery fee per item for 2-day delivery. But if you spend $75 or more, before tax there is no fee.