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Chase is set up to help you with the proper management of your money both today and in the future. The company has several accounts with each of them specially prepared to meet the banking needs of individual clients.

What is more, the bank has various special plans for both new and old customers so that everyone is kept happy at the bank. What is more, the bank makes it possible for the customers to buy any item via debit cards issued to each customer.

The customer can equally bank from virtually any part of the world using computers, tablets and even phones. The bank has up to 16,000 ATMs all over the United States and also has up to 5000 branches nationwide.

You can walk into any of these branches within working hours and visit any of the ATMs at any time of the day or night.

Savings account from Chase

Every customer can open a savings account with the bank. You can start saving without delay and this bank will make it worth your while via various savings programs and packages made available to different categories of clients.

You can equally open a Certificate of Deposit at a good interest rate. Both the Certificate of Deposit and savings accounts are insured by FDIC up to the maximum amount permitted by the law.

Consequently, your account with this bank is 100% safe with this bank.

Easy access to a prepaid card

Additionally, every client or customer of this bank will have access to a prepaid card via which you can make purchases easily without delay or hindrance. The bank issues Starbucks-Rewards Visa Prepaid Card. this card is a special reloadable prepaid card with which you can easily earn Stars everywhere you go or at any shopping outlet across the United States.

Also, you will not be required to pay reloadable fees, annual fee or monthly fee when you use this card. Be that as it may, you may be required to pay some other fees, but these fees are rarely charged by the bank.

Credit cards also available

Every customer of the Chase Bank can also access Chase credit cards with which the customer can buy whatever he needs at any outlet within the United States.

The customer can access various rewards on the credit cards and these rewards can be redeemed for rewards or cash back at various companies some of which are:

  • Southwest Airline
  • United Airline
  • Hyatt
  • Marriott
  • Disney
  • And so on

The bank can equally assist the customer to look for the best credit card that suits his or her individual lifestyle. Furthermore, you can also easily access your credit score at this bank free of charge.

Access to mortgages

Chase Bank is one of the best financial institutions to patronize for refinancing and mortgage for your dream home. The mortgage rates differ, depending on purpose and amount and you can check the mortgage rates from Chase Online.

You can equally use the mortgage calculator provided by Chase to figure out how much you can afford before you go ahead with the mortgage application.

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