Black Friday Online Shopping Deals – Which are the Best

What is the black friday day

It is one time of the year that is eagerly anticipated by online shoppers. Traditionally scheduled on the Friday after Thanksgiving, this day also marks the beginning of Christmas shopping for most people.


Which is the Origin

The term “Black Friday” is believed to have been coined by street cops and bus drivers back in the mid-1960s. It was used to describe the busy, congested traffic in Philadelphia. A traffic jam created by the large number of excited shoppers. They were thronging in and out of the city the day after the Thanksgiving celebration.

Shoppers would be seen heading to major stores in the city and in turn creating a somewhat chaotic traffic situation.

Today it is no longer a term used to describe a dire traffic situation. But instead it is a phrase used to remind everyone of that special day in the month of November when they can get fantastic deals at top stores.


It is a time when both walk-in customers and online shoppers are giving amazing discounts on a number of products from a long list of reputable online stores.


This year’s Black Friday online shopping is scheduled for November 27 and despite the downturn in the global economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Friday 2020 promises to put a smile on the faces of shoppers with mouthwatering deals offered by some of world’s best online stores.


The Best Online Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2019 may be long gone, but the memories of the shopping extravaganza still lingers on especially for online shoppers.

Many online shoppers would remember the exciting deals that they were treated to by top online store brands like Amazon, DELL, Best Buy, eBay, Kohl, and Walmart.

These stores dazzled shoppers with some of the best online Black Friday deals that they would never forget, even as shoppers look forward to better deals this year.



Last year Amazon offered more than 700 super deals to online shoppers. In almost all the product categories of this mega-retail store, there was a deal that was sure to get shoppers really excited. Amazon offered some of the best online Black Friday deals available to online shoppers around the world.

They offer loads of “Amazon Lightning Deals” which are deals with ridiculously high discounts, but on offer for a limited time only. The timeframe for such deals vary, but most times Amazon Lightning Deals are available to shoppers for just a few minutes. These deals almost remind you a fastest-fingers first game!

The best Black Friday online shopping deals that you can come to expect from Amazon this year, may more likely be centered around its very own list of products. These include the smart home products from Amazon, such as; Echo devices, Fire Tablets and so on. Expect to see sales discounts as high as 50% on Amazon smart home products in 2020.



 When it comes to the best online Black Friday deals offered by online stores, it would be hard to ignore eBay. Even though eBay is not your typical retail outlet, it has been able to carve a niche for itself and become a major online store player.

eBay offers both brand new and used products for sale, so it is important to have a clear idea of the current state of a product before purchasing it.

In the smartphone’s product category of eBay, online shoppers would be able to get great deals on the unlocked models for both Samsung and Apple brands of smartphones and tablets.

Electronic items on eBay are also hot items and you can be sure to find fantastic deals this year and in keeping with the trend of last year you may see electronics with discounts as higher as 70% on many electronic items.

If you are a video game enthusiast, then look out for the deals on a variety of game consoles with discounts going as high as 25% on your favorite game consoles in 2020.




You can get some of the best online deals from any of the three DELL subsidiary stores, namely; DELL Refurbished, DELL Home, and DELL Small Business.

There are super deals to be had on both DELL laptops and desktop computers. You can find an Intel Celeron laptop on DELL going for just a little over USD$100, this is a great deal you can’t miss.

You could also get an Intel Core i7 DELL laptop at the rate of about USD$1,000, which would be more than a fair deal in anyone’s book.

In addition to getting cool deals on laptops and desktop computers, you can also get wonderful deals on electronic items from top brands such as Sony and LG.


The Black Friday Online in Walmart

Walmart is a mega online store that actually gets online shoppers prepared for their Black Friday season with loads of budget friendly offers.


Black Friday online in Walmart starts early with “Pre-Black Friday” offers. This is where Walmart will churn out a number of great deals to wet your appetite a week or two before the 27th of November, the day of Black Friday.

You then have “Black Friday Online Specials” which will be available on the day proper, and includes a whole gamut of deals on a wide variety of product categories. You can be sure that you will save lots of money while doing your online shopping.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the terrific deals on electronic items on “Cyber Monday”. Walmart offers online shoppers with incredible discounts on smartphones, computers and other similar items purchased on the Monday right after Friday.

If you are looking to get perfect Black Friday online shopping deals on toys for your kids, then Walmart is the place to shop this day. Nerf and LEGO offer particularly hot deals during this time and you can be sure to also get loads of toys by other brands at really great prices.

The Black Friday Online in Target

Target’s catchphrase of “Expect More, Pay Less” best describes the online store during Black Friday. You will truly get fantastic deals on a number of consumer items on Target.

Black Friday online in Target is a time to save money as you are offered different sales discounts and a chance to earn FREE Target gift cards which you can use to redeem different gift items.

Just like Walmart, Target also prepares the minds of online shoppers with “pre-Black Friday” shopping deals. You can also benefit from the online “Cyber Week” offers.

As an online shopper in Target, you can be sure that you will get good value for your money during this day.


The Black Friday Online in Best Buy

Black Friday online in Best Buy is a day that online shoppers rarely miss. There are great deals on Electronic items in Best Buy, such as; televisions, laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, video game consoles, camcorders and cameras.

 Black Friday online shopping at Best Buy is really fun at this time of the year partly because of the sheer number and variety of sales discounts on so many consumer products.

So, whether you want to get deals on home appliances or the latest innovation in smart home technology, you can be certain that online shopping in Best Buy is your best bet.

There are hot deals on a number of top electronic brand items, such as; Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Sonos, Samsung, Bose, Nikon and so on.

It is also the best time to buy Android and IOS smartphones from Best Buy, as you are more than likely to get awesome discounts?

Best Buy also offers online shoppers free gift cards during this time. The gift cards coupled with the huge discounts on electronic items for sale, makes Best Buy one of the hottest sites to visit on this special day.

Look out for early bird offers designed for online shoppers looking to get good deals on electronic items a week or so before the actual commencement of the day.


The Black Friday Online in Kohls

Every online shopper likes an early-riser shopping deal. This is what you get with Black Friday online in Kohls. From 12:01 am on the 27th of November 2020, you can start shopping online in Kohls and landing bargain deals in the process.

Kohls offers a wide assortment of retail items. From home appliances to accessories, shoes and apparel, Black Friday online shopping in Kohls is always an exciting time. Online shoppers have a lot to choose from when they visit the Kohls online store.

It is a great time to buy home improvement goods at the best possible prices. Kohls offers unmatchable discounts on a wide range of items. In addition, you can also benefit from having coupons and promo codes which further helps you to get even better deals.

Kohls offers an eclectic blend of consumer products. You can buy beauty and cosmetic products, toys for your kids, shoes, apparel, electronics, home improvement goods, and even expensive jewelry all from Kohls.

Kohls ensures that the BlackFriday feeling starts long before “D-day” and lasts even longer after the season.

While Kohls retail department stores will stay closed on Thanksgiving this year, its online store will be fully operational to tend to the purchasing needs of customers. Black Friday online shopping enthusiasts can expect Kohls Cash promos

With Kohls Cash, online shoppers would be able to buy retail items from Kohls at sometimes ridiculously low and highly discounted prices.

Black Friday online shopping in Kohls also favors frequent online shoppers who would have already accumulated enough Kohls Cash and bonus points beforehand.

While home goods, shoes and clothing items are a mainstay in Kohls, this online retail store also offers a good number of electronic items as well. You can be sure to get great discount offers on the electronic items on offer.

If you wish to buy home goods like comforters, pillows, towels and even throws. You can purchase these home goods at giveaway prices with some items going for between $2 and $4 USD.


In Closing


This year, the best online shopping sites would be those that are able to offer shoppers really low prices on a variety of items and the best discounts available.

The coronavirus adversely affected the global economy. And most online shoppers are prowling online stores that offer the very best prices on a number of consumer and retail goods.

It is therefore not farfetched to suggest that this year’s Black Friday may well be the most consumer and price sensitive ever. Online stores realize that many people’s finances have been dealt a big blow by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, if the fantastic deals offered by many online stores last year and in previous is anything to go by, then Black Friday in 2020 may well follow the same trend, if not better.

 Indeed, Black Friday online shopping this year will be highly anticipated by online shoppers hoping to cut back on their spending while increasing their savings at the same time.