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Asda Stores Ltd is a trading company with its headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is a British supermarket retailer. The company started as far back as 1949 and was kicked off the Asquith family.

The family later merged the company with the Associated Dairies company of Yorkshire. Asda has a total of 633 locations as at 30th April 2019 and its parent organization is Wal-Mart.


Asda online shopping Official site

You can access the online shop in this URL. website



You can access the shop from the official apps:



You can get easy access to various special deals like Christmas gifts, black Friday, and so on at Asda. Check for more of these special deals here:


asda online shopping



Shopping Departments

You can online shopping in the following product categories:

  • Baby products & services
  • Shopping
  • Home furnishing
  • Home & garden
  • Grocery stores & supermarkets
  • Food & dining
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • gift cards
  • motoring, like Breakdown and Tyres
  • mobile
  • Insurance, like travel insurance, Over 50 insurance, Pet Insurance, Home Insurance,car insurance
  • Money, like Credit card, personal loans, business gift cards, money transfer,travel money


As stated earlier, Asda has 633 locations spread across the United Kingdom. You can find the specific location for yourself by using shop locators, which allows you to find an Asda store closest to you so that you can patronize the service provided by this outlet without having to travel too far from your home.

  1. Visit to search for the Asda store closest to you.
  2. The map that comes up will show your specific location at that particular time and works automatically. The map will also show the store closest to that particular location so that you can easily visit this website and enjoy the various services it offers.
  3. Also, you can check for stores in other locations using the shop locator; all you have to do is to use the search box located on the top of the screen.


online Help

You can visit the website for various articles about the services offered by The articles will enlighten you about each of the services provided here and you may not even require direct human intervention before you can get adequately informed about the services offered here.

The helpful articles can teach you how to use mobile apps and the website to participate in the various services offered by Asda.


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  • Coatbridge Superstore
  • Tilehurst superstore
  • Nottingham West Bridgeford Supercenter
  • Cumbernauld Superstore
  • Tamar Click & Collect
  • Washington Superstore
  • Tamworth Supercentre
  • Sheffield Queens Road Supermarket
  • Bordesley Green Supermarket
  • Belfast Westwood Superstore
  • Stepney Green Supermarket
  • Charlton Superstore
  • Peckham Superstore
  • Living Oxford
  • Andover Superstore
  • Edmonton Green Superstore
  • Living Tottenham
  • Bristol Whitchurch Superstore

Some cities have more than one store.



If I order shopping online when will asda take the money out

The answer depends on the payment method. However, in general the money is taken out instantly.

How long does Asda online shopping take to deliver

It depends on your delivery area. You can always track your order online. Asda will mail you once the order is completed.