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Articles about some of the most famous Online Shop websites. When you buy something on the internet it is important to do it in a trustworthy company. Ensure the website is https which mean it has the secure socket layer activated for safer and more secure experience.

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  • Walmart: American Retail Company. The company with largest revenue in the world.
  • Macys: The largest department store in the US in terms of revenue.
  • Flipkart: Indian Electronics Company, books,lifestyle and fashion.
  • Jcpenney: One of the biggest american department stores.
  • Asda: British Supermarket.
  • Amazon: The largest online shop in the world.
  • Morrisons: United Kingdom supermarket.
  • Iceland: Another british Supermarket.
  • Hse24: Home Shopping TV Network
  • Kmart: American department store.
  • Marshalls: Another american department store chain company.
  • Belks: american department store.
  • Ocado: A british online supermarket.
  • Snapdeal: Indian ecommerce company.
  • Target: American retailer company.


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Best Online Shopping Sites

There are so many online shopping platforms out there. And they all claim to be the best. In this write-up, we will show you the best ones among the available online shopping sites. And also give you helpful tips that can improve your shopping experience at each of these sites.


eBay is one of the best shopping sites online today and it deserves all the accolades. While the platform does not welcome shoppers from some countries of the world, shoppers from many other countries can shop here conveniently. The entire process of shopping at eBay is very simple and straightforward and the platform allows you to buy different types of products at very cheap prices. If you want to make the most of purchasing items on eBay, you should consider the tips below:

  • Research the price for each of the items you want to buy by comparing the prices on eBay to the prices on other online shopping platforms; this way, you can check if the cost of that product in eBay is as cheap as the seller wants you to believe.
  • What has shoppers on eBay or other places paid for that particular product in the past? Is it higher or lower than the current asking price on eBay?
  • Never forget to check if counteroffers are accepted by Buy It Now sellers you should also suggest a lower price than the asking amount.
  • Never be afraid to haggle for a far better price than the asking price.

Amazon is yet another unique online shopping site and the items sold here are also affordable. It started operation in 1996 and has become one of the best places to buy items like furniture, foods, shoes, clothes, toys and book. Amazon, despite being one of the best platforms for online purchases, is also full of so many unknown sellers. Consequently, you must be very careful when shopping here. The tips below can help you to make better decisions when shopping on Amazon.

You should avoid buying from third-party sellers on Amazon; you should rather buy directly from Amazon since Amazon can be trusted to keep an eye on its inventory than any third party seller. How can you know which item is sold directly by Amazon? When you are browsing Amazon listings, filter the search results to show you only those items that are sold directly by The filtering, aside from assuring you of top quality delivery services, will also improve the quality of the items displayed so that you can have a clear picture of the items you want to buy from Amazon.   

Craigslist is one other online shopping site where you can get top quality products at friendly prices. The platform was created in 1996 and it is the online version of its newspaper classified publication. The items on sale on this platform are posted by region and community, which makes the search a lot easier. Aside from being a shopping platform, craigslist is also used for posting job openings. If you need to buy items locally, craigslist is one of the best platforms to consider. The tips below will help you to get the best experience when shopping on craigslist.

  • You should be smart when searching for sales items on craigslist. You can make the search process a lot easier by setting up an RSS feed using specific keywords related to the item you want to buy.
  • Patience is keeping if you must shop at craigslist. You may not find the particular item you need for several days and you have got to be ready to wait for it.
  • Once you are notified that the product you seek is available, you should act quickly before another person buys it before you do. Put a call through to the seller immediately. The seller will most likely be willing to sell to you if you put forward an acceptable offer.

Etsy started operation in 2005 ad is focused on makers of different items, craftspeople and artists. It is a platform where people can sell their creative arts online. This is the right place to shop online if you want to buy handmade items, one-of-a-kind gifts and vintage wares. The tips below will improve your shopping experience on Etsy.

  • Once an item catches your fancy, you should not hesitate to “Favorite” it.
  • Before you buy that particular item, read reviews about the seller to be sure about his reliability.
  • When searching for the various items on sale on this platform, you should make use of specific search terms to make the search process a lot easier for you.
  • You can also take some time to categorize the favorite items on boards, especially when searching for big-ticket items.
  • You can buy items from as a guest or you can easily pay using PayPal. However, it is better to sign up an account on as this can make the checkout a lot faster. You will also improve your credibility as a seller or a shopper if you have an account with this online shopping site.


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